you might find yourself asking one day: where can i chug a duck?

Listen, sometimes you need to do things when you are older just so you don’t disappoint your 22 year old former self. You wouldn’t want your former self looking down on your current self. That’s just not a good feeling.

Apparently for me, chugging a duck is one of those things that I have to do to keep my 22 year old former self happy.

What is a chugging a duck?
Glad you asked. First, get all of your friends and maybe the rest of the bar real excited because you are about to chug a duck. Either you or a bartender should fill a plastic duck decoy with a can of Natural Light and a shot of amaretto. I know that probably sounds really gross. It really does not taste as bad as it sounds. Make sure at least one other person participates in the chugging and then proceed to chug the contents out of the duck through the beak.

Chugging duck decoys

Preparing the chugging duck decoys.

Sounds super fun, right?

Well it is. Even if you’re crazy full from eating too much Candy Kitchen candy dinner and crab dip that you really cannot physically finish the whole thing because you are afraid you are going to vomit it all back up if you take one more sip chug.

Where can you chug a duck?
I only know of one place. That bar is called M.R. Ducks and it’s in Ocean City, Maryland. Not only can you chug ducks there, but the bar is right on the water so it’s really hard to have a bad time. M.R. Ducks actually means “Them are ducks.” I had no clue of this fact until this summer. Duck hunting is pretty huge in Ocean City, Maryland and so is speaking grammatically incorrect I guess. Check out the real story here.

chugging duck decoys at M.R. Ducks

The chugging duck decoys are waiting for you.

If I don’t live close to Ocean City, Maryland, how do I make a chugging duck decoy?
You can make these chugging duck decoys yourself. Lucky for you I found some plastic duck decoys for you over at Amazon. Just use a jig saw or really a sharp knife/scissors (using a knife or scissors might be a little challenging) to cut a large opening at the bottom of the plastic duck decoy and then snip off part of the beak. My sister tried to cut the duck decoys with a sharp knife, but gave up and had my dad cut them up with a jig saw. Then she lent the chugging duck decoys to my brother for tailgating at a Penn State game. The excitement of chugging the ducks must have been too much because he punted them and they were never to be seen again. She was really pissed about that. She really liked her chugging duck decoys.

So now thanks to this blog you have the know-how to chug and make chugging duck decoys. I promise that you can participate in this activity if you are 22 or if you are 32. I’m pretty sure you can still participate however old you are (well maybe not if you are way under the drinking age). Because at what age does fun become uncool?

chugging ducks

My sister and New Glitterati getting ready to chug ducks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have never done this, but I am sold on trying after reading this!

  2. Wow! Now I want to try this as well! I’m 1000% percent sure I will have a heck of a time finding a duck decoy in Korea. My kids are appalled at the fact that my dad used to go duck hunting as a hobby.


    Thanks for linking up with Friday Funnies! Loved this. :)

    • the fussy britches says:

      Although, I would have a hard time killing a duck myself, I can’t really be appalled at duck hunting because it’s probably my most favorite thing to order out. It’s too bad you can’t find dick decoys in Korea!

  3. This is hilarious! I want to chug a duck! I’m also very curious about the Natty/amaretto combination…

    • the fussy britches says:

      The Natural Light and amaretto combo isn’t horrible, but you wouldn’t catch me sipping on it to savor the taste!

  4. Brother says:

    It tastes like Dr. Pepper. I’ve been planning on bringing a few ducks back to Abu Dhabi when I come home in September. If you feel like being awesome, you could always pick up a few at the M. R. Ducks shop…

    • the fussy britches says:

      Do they really sell them in their shop already made or do they just have the regular decoys? I highly doubt you’ll check back here so I better email you.

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