first anniversary

Card that says "For a special grandson and his beautiful wife"

This is a card from Matt’s grandmother. You know what is awesome about getting married to Matt? I now have four awesome grandmothers. Notice that “beautiful” in the phrase “beautiful wife” is underlined THREE times.

Geez, it’s hard getting back into posting regularly after I haven’t in such a long time. Anyway, this past weekend was my first wedding anniversary with Matt. It is crazy it has been a year already. People always say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I’m sure that’s true for a lot of people, but when you’ve already been living together and dating on and off for seven years it’s really not. I’d say the first year of marriage was the easiest year so far in our relationship.

Matt had no injuries and I have officially been free of all sickness for a whole year. (Last time I had a cold was on our wedding weekend.) Probably the biggest challenge of our first year of marriage was combining finances, but it really wasn’t that bad. I already knew going into our marriage I needed to change my spending habits big time. Obviously, I gave my online shopping habit a proper goodbye right before our wedding. Meaning Zappos and Nordstrom were probably pretty pleased with me and now they might be wondering if I died.

Matt and I properly celebrated our first anniversary by going to an Oktoberfest celebration at the Raven’s stadium (M&T Bank Stadium) in Baltimore. We went with some good friends and met up with my sister, her boyfriend, and more friends. It was an awesome time and I even managed to drink beer almost the whole day. I of course rewarded myself with a glass of wine at the end of the event.

Oktoberfest in Baltimore

Good times at Oktoberfest in Baltimore!

Alright, so Matt and I aren’t the most romantical people ever. Well, okay I suppose we can be romantical sometimes, but maybe we choose not to be on the traditional romantical days. IT’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE and expecting things to be romantical on certain days just leads to awkward disappointment in my opinion. Actually, I did eat some of our one year old wedding cake topper on our anniversary as you traditionally should (by myself, of course, because Matt hates cake). It was kind of gross, but good enough to have a second piece. I mean freezer burnt cake is still cake and it most definitely still has icing.

Freeze brunt wedding cake

I seriously regret not getting the chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for our wedding cake topper.

The Monday after our anniversary, I received an email from the Four Seasons in Baltimore. (The Four Seasons is where we had our wedding reception. I really cannot begin to explain how eloping or going to the courthouse for our wedding turned into a huge Four Seasons event complete with a Catholic wedding ceremony. Well okay, Matt and I are both the oldest children and we love our families a lot. Ohh, and thank you families for making our wedding weekend so awesome and memorable!) The Four Seasons Baltimore will not be letting us get away without having a romantical first anniversary celebration. They emailed to tell us that they are offering us a free night stay with breakfast in bed. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Who cares if the Four Seasons Baltimore is literally five minutes away from our house?! The Four Seasons Baltimore has a way of making you feel like you are worlds away from reality. I’ve never felt so spoiled than the day of our wedding reception there. Everyone at the Four Seasons went way out of their way to make us feel special. The overnight stay has yet to be scheduled, but I cannot wait!

Also, this blog has been lacking pictures lately. Here are some more pictures related to this post. Did you really think I was going to post about our first anniversary without posting some wedding pictures? Okay, probably not.

Girly drink in Aruba

I am so sick and sleep deprived in this picture. Matt was so excited to be on our honeymoon and all I wanted to do was curl up into bed when we got to Aruba. Instead, I sucked it up and drank this tasty drink. Ohh also, my matron of honor told me about the wonders of Afrin the weekend of my wedding. It saved me. I could actually breathe out of my nose after I took that stuff.

First look picture

This is my favorite picture of us on our wedding day. This is during the “first look” before our ceremony. I’m so glad we chose to see each other before the ceremony. I was able to relax after this and I didn’t cry during the ceremony because I got it all out before.

wedding decor

Do you know that one of the biggest arguments throughout the whole wedding planning process was about the chairs? My dad really wanted the “comfortable” conference looking chairs that the Four Seasons provided, my mom wanted prettier chairs, and I didn’t care about the chairs. I’m really glad my mom got her way because it made the room where our reception was held look amazing.

head table at our wedding

This was our head table. We wanted it to be huge so that we could pretend we weren’t the center of attention.

me and matt

Okay, last wedding picture.


  1. Your wedding was beautiful!! Happy anniversary!

  2. That is the perfect way to spend an anniversary! And love your first look photo :)

  3. Your wedding photos are so pretty! I LOVE the first look picture…so much emotion (and we can’t even see your faces!)

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