new blog design finally!

It’s been over two months since I first announced that I would take a step back from posting and concentrate on redesigning my blog instead. I’m happy to now announce that I’ve finally cut myself off from my redesign and that I’ve transferred my new design over to my live blog.

I do hope to return to posting regularly, but probably not five times a week again for Matt’s sake. I will see how things go. I learned so much from the whole redesign process so I do plan on doing a few posts on how I made my new design happen.

If anyone has any questions on how I created my new design, please ask! I don’t really know what is considered common sense in the blogging world. Unless you specifically ask me about how to do something, I might not think to cover it in a post.

Thanks to everyone that continued to read this space during my blogging break! Because of you, my stat checking habit has not died. Feel free to look around and tell me if something isn’t working correctly.


  1. YAY! Love it

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