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I’m linking up with Stephanie from Not Entirely Perfect. She’s pretty much the opposite of me. She’s super organized and has a list of 101 goals that she wants to accomplish in the next 1,001 days. I wouldn’t say I’m the most goal-oriented person, but I feel like I used to be. I remember creating tons of lists with goals for myself all the time. I don’t seem to do that anymore. I blame Matt (my husband). Although, I don’t think that’s really a bad thing. Matt teaches me all the time how to live in the moment and just relax in general. I’m participating in her goal link up anyway because:

  1. I haven’t posted all week.
  2. I feel like making some short term goals for this weekend and next week.

Alright, so here are my goals:

  1. Post three times next week. Perhaps I can start making this a weekly goal if all goes well. I actually have a few posts already written for next week. I think that’s been my problem with posting lately. If I’m not ahead, I just can’t get started. So that’s why I basically took this week off from posting. If I have a few posts written out ahead of time, I think I’ll have an easier time with writing in general. I won’t feel too much pressure and I’ll be able to get started.
  2. Relax as much as possible this weekend. I had minor surgery on Thursday. (Thursday was Halloween. Matt is mad at me for ruining Halloween for a third year in a row.) The surgery was to finally remove that gross cyst I posted about a few weeks ago. I’m not even going to link to that post here because that post may or may not have been considered so gross that it was offensive. An affiliate actually dropped me in less than 24 hours after that post. Haha. Soo yeah, I’m no longer participating in affiliate programs except for Amazon. I don’t think Amazon is very judgey and sometimes it’s easier to link to things that I’m talking about rather than explaining them. Anyway, using affiliate links was entertaining to me at first, but I no longer feel like coming up with creative ways to use them.
  3. Catch up with a friend for dinner next week. Making time for friends is always important. It makes getting through the work week way easier.
  4. Go to my kickball game. Organized social sports also makes getting through the work week way easier.
  5. Book our hotel and flight to Vieques. My trip with Matt is a month away and we haven’t booked everything for it yet. We booked all the free stuff, but not the stuff we have to pay for yet. We were able to book our flight to Puerto Rico and one night stay in a hotel with points from our credit cards. We still need to book a small flight to the island of Vieques and a place to stay there.
  6. Exchange a pair of work pants I bought from Express. Ugh, I had to break down and buy some new work pants. The pair I bought online is too long. The one pair of pants that were actually fitting me got a huge hole in the butt. I just know I was wearing them with the hole for at least a couple of days. At least I typically wear super long shirts so I imagine the hole was covered the whole time, but seriously, what the hell. I have no idea how that hole got there. I suppose my ass just got fatter.

Aaand on that note, I suppose I could make one long term goal:

EAT LESS JUNK FOOD, but let’s be honest I have a huge sweet tooth and candy, cookies, and ice cream are more important to me than being skinny. Ugh, I suppose I will attempt to cut back at least until our trip to Puerto Rico/Vieques. The only time I really get annoyed with how much sugary foods I eat is when I have to wear a bathing suit or fit into a dress for something. Oh yeah, and when there is a HOLE IN THE BACK OF MY PANTS.

"Cookies are way more important than being skinny." Showing a comic of me holding a stack of cookies.

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  1. Haha that was a gross post but I thought it was hilarious. Why would you ruin Halloween getting it removed?!
    Good luck on the goals. Good call saving the sugar one for after halloween. I think my junk food probably is more on the salty/cheesy/taco bell side of the spectrum. Not much of a sweet tooth but I could eat nachos for every meal.

    • the fussy britches says:

      It was the only appointment I could get to get it removed! Oh well, it worked out anyway because I did end up sucking it up to go to a Halloween party on Friday. I guess that sort of means that I didn’t really do all that well with my relaxing goal.

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